Time saving: Our Program Benefits

Travelling on the major airlines is growing more expensive, inconvenient, and time consuming. They rarely have service directly to your intended destination. With our Signature programs, we can use over 5000 US airports, compared to the airlines’ limited use of about 600. This means you spend less time getting to your destination. Our Signature program aircraft provide you first-class transportation to and from your point of departure, in a minimal amount of time. Finally, no more lengthy check-in’s, security delays, or trying to catch connecting flights.

Location: Our location allows us to offer our Signature programs to clients throughout Arizona and southern Nevada. Our aircraft will fly you non-stop to places as far as Denver, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco.

Safety: Your safety is our number one concern. Our pilots are trained to the highest standards by FlightSafety International. Our aircraft are meticulously maintained. You travel only with the persons and flight crew you know, and your baggage always accompanies you. When you choose our Signature programs, you can sit back, relax and accomplish your business or personal agenda with complete confidence.

Convenience: Arizona Aviation Consulting is committed to providing you comfort, flexibility, and ease of travel. On the airlines, you travel on their schedule. With our Signature programs, we are on your schedule. We are available 24 hours a day, with as little as 4 hours’ notice.

Cost: Because our Signature program aircraft are in piston and turboprop aircraft, the costs associated with owning and operating these aircraft are significantly less than jet ownership. Our fractional programs are even less expensive than chartering or whole ownership. Do some research and compare the rates from others. You can also send us your concerns about the pricing and we will provide you a cost analysis of our fractional ownership programs compared to chartering and whole ownership.

Tax Savings: Depending on your use, there may be significant tax benefits to our Signature programs. Each fractional owner has a depreciable asset on the books for tax and financial reporting purposes. Contact your accountant for specific details.