Announcement from AAC Board of Directors: New Programs and Services

Arizona Aviation Consulting, LLC is a customer focused business, managed by aviation professionals. Good people, great ideas, and a corporate culture that values action over words. Arizona Aviation Consulting is a company on the move, and we’re there if you need a ride.

Comprehensive management services for your travel needs that includes:


During every maintenance event whether routine or unscheduled we are present to oversee every aspect. By being there, we have a better understanding of the problems and always advise the maintenance personnel to seek solutions that are in the best interest of the owners. Through timely decisions, replacement part research, and invoice reviews, we have saved an average of $2,000 per major maintenance event and as much as $10,000.


Our pilots have the qualifications and personality that fit your needs. From crew scheduling to selection and training, we offer you the most qualified pilots available.


Pilots need to attend at a minimum, yearly simulator training as well as other kinds of training to maintain currency and safely fly the aircraft. We oversee every detail of training to ensure the safest operation of the aircraft and pilot proficiency.


We have the advantage of offering fleet discounts through our insurance company. Generally this saves between $5,000 and $25,000 per year.

Hangar and fuel contracts

We have established a great relationship with fuel providers and hangar facilites, and with more airplanes comes a greater discount. We have established contracts with major fuel providers for discounts throughout the US. We’ve been able to get fuel as cheap as $2.25 per gallon at certain locations; that’s over $3.00 per gallon discount. With fuel as one of the biggest expenses in operating aircraft, it helps to take advantage of any fuel discount available.

Trip Planning and Catering

Every aspect of trip planning, including customs requirements, and catering needs are handled by my staff. This frees you up to do your job.

Our Brokerage Services 

Our brokerage service is designed for clients seeking the highest possible net price for their pre-owned aircraft. We aggressively market your aircraft, reaching the right market to achieve the best price for you.

With our comprehensive brokerage services, your airplane will sell fast and at the right price. We appraise the aircraft relative to the current market, advertise in major aircraft sales magazines and websites, negotiate with buyers, arrange and address all aspects of contract contingencies, and file all required paperwork with the FAA to complete the transaction. The only action required on the part of the seller is to make a final decision on any presented offer.

We offer free market appraisals even if you don’t use our brokerage services.

Our Acquisition Services

Our acquisition service is designed for clients who are seeking assistance when purchasing an aircraft. We eliminate the uncertainty and ensure that you are getting the right airplane at the right price.

Arizona Aviation Consulting will extensively search markets for the right airplane, based on your needs. We inspect the aircraft, appraise the aircraft relative to the current market, negotiate with sellers, arrange and address all aspects of contract contingencies, and file all required paperwork with the FAA to complete the transaction. We can even train the pilots in their new aircraft.

These are the new services and programs you can expect this year from the Arizona Aviation Consulting Company. There are also now new departments and the roster has been filled by experienced and tenured individuals. Again, consistency is one of our key goals to continue provide you the best of our services.

Thank you very much for your support, and looking forward working with you. Please stay tuned for more announcements.