Aviation 101: Flight Planning

Flight preparation entails several tasks and responsibilities for the pilot in command—from ensuring the safety of the passengers, gathering important details, and checking the weather reports to choosing the safest and interpreting the best route on aviation maps. He or she should also be able to track down the aircraft performance which includes the weight […]

Time saving: Our Program Benefits

Travelling on the major airlines is growing more expensive, inconvenient, and time consuming. They rarely have service directly to your intended destination. With our Signature programs, we can use over 5000 US airports, compared to the airlines’ limited use of about 600. This means you spend less time getting to your destination. Our Signature program aircraft provide you first-class transportation to […]

Announcement from AAC Board of Directors: New Programs and Services

Arizona Aviation Consulting, LLC is a customer focused business, managed by aviation professionals. Good people, great ideas, and a corporate culture that values action over words. Arizona Aviation Consulting is a company on the move, and we’re there if you need a ride. Comprehensive management services for your travel needs that includes: Maintenance During every […]

Aviation Business Safety: Some Frequently Asked Questions to Guide your Venture

Aviation accidents receive a disproportionately high amount of publicity compared to other forms of transportation accidents and often are the subject of distorted media coverage. In fact, business aircraft have compiled an outstanding safety record that is comparable to or better than that of the airlines. Most accidents experienced by major air carriers and corporate […]

FAQ When Buying an Aircraft

Buying an aircraft is not an easy task. Even some of the most experienced aviators still have a hard time choosing the right unit. This requires a lot research and preparation to make sure you get what you paid for. Whether for business purposes or personal use, you need to maximize your options and find […]